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Introduction To Digital Marketing

Introduction To Digital Marketing course hong kong

About Instructor


About this course

Digital Marketing is a uptrend industry in Hong Kong or even in the world, which in 2019 the total digital ads budget in HK has already been surpassed traditional ads.

No matter you are ready or not, digital transformation has been , and will be , penetrating every single segment in marketing realm.

The only good news is that the technology is keeping breakthrough itself. The cutting-edge technology today will soon be obsolete in the next few years. It is never too late for you to equip up yourself and get a free ride in the next wave of revolutionary technology.

You can regard this course as a tour pamphlet for your whole Digital Marketing Journey. It is more about the nutrition for the conversation among D or C-Level management meeting.

The course will also give you a taste on how to formulate a Digital Marketing Strategy from the scratch.

This course will bring you questions more than answers. But it is always questions but not answers which make you mighty.


Content covered in the course


  • What is Market
  • Types of Market
  • Functions of Market

  • What is Marketing
  • Marketing Parameters
  • Functions of Marketing

  • What is Digital
  • Function of Digital
  • Relationship Between Digital and Marketing

  • Industry Size in Hong Kong
  • Industry Players in Hong Kong

  • What is Traditional Marketing
  • Comparison – Data Collection Source
  • Comparison – Data Collection Frequency
  • Comparison – Measurement
  • Comparison – Relevance to Audience
  • Comparison – Data Collection Type and Size

  • What is Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Components of Digital Marketing Ecosystem

  • Job Roles in Digital Marketing Industry

  • What is Business Functions
  • Integration with Sales Department
  • Integration with Accounting Department
  • Integration with I.T Department

  • What is Strategy
  • The Scope of Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Objective
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Execution

  • Initial Setup
  • On-going Operation
  • Automation
  • Sustainable Development

  • Objective of Measurement
  • Measurement Tools

  • Ways of Collecting Data
  • Ways of Processing Data
  • Ways of Analysing Data

End of course


Prerequisite of taking this course



Who are suitable for taking this course

  • Layman – Who are going to jump into this industry
  • Industrial Serious Player – Who want to take any Intermediate course in Data Processing
  • I.T Person – Who want to communicate with Marketer properly
  • Management Level – Who want to formulate Executable Digital Marketing Strategy


What you will get or learn after this course

You WILL learn:

  • The Scope of Digital Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing is important to you
  • How to formulate a simply Digital Marketing Strategy Plan
  • The direction of your further study in Digital Marketing.


You WILL NOT learn:

  • Operation of any specific digital assets


How will you learn in the course

  • Lecture
  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Group Discussion (If Applicable)
  • Real World Showcase


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Start On January 11, 2020
Duration 8 Hours
Level Beginner
Courses Code #82314
Conduct In Cantonese Class
Course Materials English Materials
Nature Digital Marketing Course Hong Kong 2019
Min. No. of Candidate 2
Seat avaiable 9
Price $2,880.0

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