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Introduction to B2B Selling


About Instructor


About this course

Selling is easy. Selling to win a deal is not.

It is not only about eloquence.
It is a hybrid of knowledge and skillset on influencing others , which these knowledge and skillsets are composited by Arts and Science.

Most of the human beings are not logical enough in most of the time. In an Art’s aspect, Selling is more about how the Salesperson links, or even influences the emotion of his/her target client, which is likely not 100% ruled by Logic.

In Science’s aspect, Selling is simply a resource allocation problem. To answer the questions like How to Sell, Whom to Sell, When to Sell or What to Sell are a matter of data-processing issue. In a data-driven world like you are in 2019 in Hong Kong, mastering how to refine information from data is the key to success, including being a Salesperson who can win a deal.

No matter how the world transforms, the basic desire of human remains unchanged since Herodotus recorded the first historical event in this world.

Meanwhile, Science and Maths are almost infinite and universal true (except in the eye of Albert Einstein), no matter where and when you apply.

In this course, you are being introduced both Arts and Science aspects of being a Salesperson, and ideally , at least, know how to sell.

No matter whether you are a Salesperson in B2B or B2C sector, no matter what product or service you are selling , or not matter your products are expensive or free, or even if you are literately a Salesperson or not, all are welcome as the Selling Skillset is universal true and can be applied to any situation.

Buckle up and welcome to the world of Selling!


Content covered in the course


  • What is Selling
  • Types of Selling
  • Scope of Selling
  • Functions of Selling
  • Difference Between Knowledge and Skillset

  • Functions of a Salesperson
  • Essence Ability of Being a Salesperson
  • Mantality of a Salesperson
  • Who is a Salesperson
  • Who is NOT a Salesperson
  • Must-Have Knowledge of Being a Salesperson
  • Must-Have Skillset of being a Salesperson
  • Must-Have Attitude of being a Salesperson

  • What is Buying
  • Functions of Buying
  • Scope of Buying

  • Who is Buyer
  • Prerequisite of Being a Buyer

  • What is Deliverable
  • Types of Deliverable

  • What is Buyer Behavior
  • Steps in Buyer Behavior
  • Relationships Between Buyer Behavior and Selling
  • Relationship Between Buyer Decision Making Journey and CRM(S)

  • What is B2B Sales Cycle
  • Steps in B2B Sales Cycle

  • What is CRM(S)
  • Types of Relationship in CRM(S)
  • Functions of Relationship in CRM(S)

  • What is Communication
  • Prerequisite of Communication
  • Media of Communication
  • Relationship Between Communication and B2B Selling

  • Types of Need
  • Why Buyer Is In Need
  • Buyers Chain – In Need
  • Relationship Between Needs and Deliverable

  • Buyers Chain – Searching
  • What Buyer Is Searching For

  • Buyers Chain – Experiencing
  • What Buyer Wants To Experience

  • Buyers Chain – Comparing
  • What Buyer Is Comparing

  • Buyer Chain – Buying
  • Types of Buying
  • What Buyer is Buying

  • Buyers Chain – Looping
  • Types of Looping in Buyer Decision Making Journey
  • What is Looping in Buyer Decision Making Journey

  • What is Target Audience
  • How to Find Out Target Audience List

  • What is Qualified Lead
  • How to Identify Qualified Lead

  • What is Teasing
  • How to do Teasing

  • Flow of 1st Sales Meeting
  • Functions of 1st Sales Meeting

  • Types of Sales Document
  • How to Prepare Sales Documents

  • What is Nurturing
  • How to do Nurturing

  • SkillSet on Closing a Deal

End of course


Prerequisite of taking this course

  • NO Prerequisite


Who are suitable for taking this course

  • B2C Salesperson – Who want to boost the Sales
  • B2B Salesperson – Who want to boost the Sales
  • Sales Management Level – Who want to systemise the Selling Cycle
  • Non Salesperson – Who want to sell ideas to his boss, friends or colleagues


What you will get or learn after this course

you will learn

  • Overview of the attitude and knowledge you need to become a great Salesperson
  • Familiar with how Buyer think
  • Familiar with what steps the Salesperson should to do from prospecting to winning a deal

You WILL NOT Learn

  • Silver Bullet Scripts of Wining a Deal
  • Operational Procedures of Data Processing
  • Operational Procedures of Prospecting
  • Skillset (as only Knowledge can be taught. While Skillset should be acquired by yourself via thousands times practising)


How will you learn in the course

  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Group Discussion (If Applicable)
  • Real World Showcase
  • Lecture

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Start On January 16, 2020
Duration 10 HOURS
Level Beginner
Courses Code 82320
Conduct In Cantonese Class
Course Materials English Materials
Nature Digital Marketing Course Hong Kong 2019
Min. No. of Candidate 1
Seat avaiable 10
Price $4,880.0

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