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Introduction To Google SEO

About Instructor


About this course

It is probably that you have conducted some researchers of what Google SEO is before you clicked into this page.

You may think that Google SEO is all about Keywords Research or Building Backlinks. This thinking is true – only after you understand the comprehensive universe of Google SEO.

Under a constantly changing Google SEO algorithm , trying to enumerate every single SEO driver mentioned by any experts that you found in the internet is a task of disaster , if not impossible.

Even Google will not every time tell you the truth about how to do SEO in their Search Engine, due to the fact that Search Engine Advertising (SEM) is the main income stream that Google rely on, which is exactly opposite to SEO.

Therefore, reserve engineering the philosophy applied in how Google runs a Search Engine is the key to success, even though it is not a rocket science.

Don’t expect that there is some kind intensive class like “Master SEO in 3 Days” or anything about “SEO 101 DIY”.

No. There no short cut which can drive you to entitle the designation of “SEO Master”.The only way is to start with the very fundamental concepts of SEO.

In this course, we will introduce you a “Tour Guide Pamphlet ” that what SEO is all about. You don’t need to be an I.T Expert to take this course. On the contrary , only being an I.T Expert will not automatically make you to become an SEO Expert. Instead, creativity is the essence, which anybody is capable of doing so.


Content covered in the course


  • Skillset For SEO – Prerequisite
  • Skillset For SEO – Bonus

  • What is SEO
  • What is Search Engine
  • What is Optimisation
  • What is Presence of a Brand
  • Types of Search Engine

  • What is a Website
  • Component of Website

  • What is SEM
  • Relationship Between SEO and SEM
  • Component Between SEO and SEM

  • What is Money Link
  • Types of Measurement in SEO

  • Components of Media Files
  • Components of Database
  • Components of Content
  • Components of Webpages
  • Components of Domain

  • ART Rules – Trust (T)
  • Principal – Query Deserves Freshness (QDF)
  • Principal – Query Deserves Diversity (QDD)

  • How Google Recognize The Modification of A Website
  • How Google Recognize The Existence of a Website

  • Directions of Working For SEO – Content

25 MINS End of course

  • Q&A
  • Assignment (If Any)
  • Summary and Insight
  • Networking


Prerequisite of taking this course

  • NO Prerequisite


Who are suitable for taking this course

  • Layman – Who are going to jump into this industry
  • Industrial Serious Player – Who want to take any Intermediate course in Data Processing


What you will get or learn after this course

You WILL learn:

The Scope of SEO

  • Why SEO is important to you
  • Fundamental Framework of SEO
  • Philosophy of running Search Engine in the view of Google

You WILL NOT learn:

  • Hands-On programming or technical skills relating to SEO
  • Operation of SEO Tools.


How will you learn in the course

  • Hands-on Exercise
  • Group Discussion (If Applicable)


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Start On January 18, 2020
Duration 7 Hours
Level Beginner
Courses Code #82315
Conduct In Cantonese Class
Course Materials English Materials
Nature Digital Marketing Course Hong Kong 2019
Min. No. of Candidate 2
Seat avaiable 10
Price $2,880.0

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